Start-Up India: India All Set To Emerge As The World Super Power


Prime Minister Narendra Kumar Modi started his speech saying that it is a Saturday and it is the government’s nature to celebrate holiday on weekends. You should just forget thet any work wil be done after 6 pm. He pointed out that this is the difference between his government and others. They are working even on Saturday and this sets them apart.

This Saturday morning the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi kept the blueprint of the start-up campaign in the front of the nation. Providing a detailed description of each and every aspect of this campaign of the Central Government, PM also targeted the opposition directly.


Speaking about the start up campaign, the PM also highlighted the issue of speed break in the parliament. He also said that the government is preparing to introduce a Bankrupts Bill 2015 to exit the start-up within a period of 90 days. He has also announced the release of Rs.10000 crores fund for start-ups.

Tickling over here the PM also said that the rest problems are very well known to you people. From the very spot he also conveyed a message to the youth to get their mobile phones into use. He encouraged the people to provide a notification through the world of Facebook and twitter regarding the works undone in the parliament.


The government has also thought to introduce a new category for the start-ups called  ‘Innovative Start-ups’ , this will be done to differentiate the start-ups from the small, micro,  medium and big  enterprises which are built on the traditional business models. There will also be support from the government towards these start-ups.

The PM said that hopefully after this people will get to know something. It is to be noted that since a past few days including the GST and the rest of the bills the central and the opposition government are face to face. Including the Central Minister Arun Jaitley,all the ministers of BJP are accusing Congress’s leadership responsible for the speedbreak in the parliament.

Erstwhile conducting a rally on Saturday at Mumbai,Rahul Gandhi bounced back speaking that all the allegations regarding the speedbreak are inappropriate. Even jaitley and PM do not want that GST gets passed.Rahul claimed that if Congress’s words are to be listened then the GST would pass in 15 minutes.


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