Top 10 Best Kept Indian Secrets


Who doesn’t love to learn a secret? India has a lot of them. We have covered a lot of topics in the past concerning conspiracy theories,unsolved mysteries and mysterious places in India. Now here are 10 Best Kept Indian Secrets.

A Fact That could have averted Partition


It is now widely believed that Jinnah was suffering from a life-threatening a lung disease before partition. By the time of partition, Jinnah’s condition worsened. Years later, Mountbatten stated that if he had known Jinnah was so ill, he would have stalled the decision of partition, hoping that the news of Jinnah’s death would have avert it.

Purulia Arms Drops Case


On the night of December 17, 1995, a Latvian aircraft (Antonov An-26 Aircraft) dropped a huge consignment of arms consisting of hundreds of AK-47 rifles and more than a million rounds of ammunition over several villages of Purulia district of West Bengal. The crew of the aircraft consisted of five Latvian citizens and one British citizen. They were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. Following the intervention of Russian authorities and British government, they were later pardoned and released. The chief accused was “Kim Davy,” who claimed that it was a conspiracy of the Indian government in collaboration with RAW and MI5 to overthrow the communist government of West Bengal. He alleged that Indian Government assured him of his safe return to Denmark. Some certificates submitted by CBI to Kolkata High Court remarked that those weapons were really meant for Bangladeshi Army. The real motive behind this massive arms drop still remains unknown.

India’s Vulnerable Secret Force


India’s secret force of Tibetans, the SFF (Special Frontier Force) was raised after the 1962 border conflict with China. It has been without parachutes for nearly two years on the suspicion that senior officers tried to take kickbacks. The SFF, sometimes also referred to as Establishment-22, has been a part of India’s external intelligence agency, R&AW, and was originally raised to play a role behind enemy lines in China in the event of a war. Parachutes are this regiment’s primary equipment in missions. Full story here.

South Korea’s Ayodhya Connection


India’s early contacts with Korea date back more than 2000 years. Two thousand years ago, a16 year old princess from Ayodhya, accompanied by her brother, sailed from India for Korea. We only know her by her Korean name, Huh Wang-Ock. There she wed King Kim Suro, founder of the ancient Korean kingdom of Karack. The King himself received her upon her arrival, and later built a temple at the place where they had first met. She is said to have died at the grand old age of 189. Her story is narrated in the ancient Korean history books, “Samkuksaki” and “Samkukyusa”.Former president of South Korea Kim Dae Jung is a descendant from this royal line. Source

IAF Bombing of Mizoram


The March 1966 Mizo National Front uprising was a revolt against the Government of India. They aimed at establishing a sovereign state for the Mizos. On 1 March 1966, the Mizo National Front (MNF) made a declaration of independence, after launching coordinated attacks on the Government offices and security forces post in different parts of the Mizo district in Assam. Indian Air Force was called in for airstrikes to target the insurgents. This remains the only instance when Government of India used airstrikes on its own civilians. Mizo National Front kept pushing for statehood and achieved Mizoram via diplomatic negotiations in 1987. Nearly 100 insurgents were killed, 35 wounded and about 550 insurgents were captured by both ground force and air force.

Self-Proclaimed Experts (Ankit Fadia/ Arindam Chaudhuri)


Ankit Fadia

Rise to fame:The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking” by Ankit FadiaThis was a bunch of outdated so-called-exploits for an outdated OS. Lot of code arbitrarily pasted on pages with no comments or explanation of working. Some of them didn’t even compile.Claims: “After the Sept. 11 th attacks, cracked an encrypted email sent by the Al-Qaeda terrorist network for a classified intelligence agency.”There has been no official corroboration of this story[1].Plagiarism: is run by Brian Martin (a.k.a Jericho), the founder of the Open Security Foundation and a DEFCON panel member.“Ankit Fadia is like many charlatans who gets published in one article and rides the wave of not only poor journalism but also his own hype. For years, he has been quoted in low end online publications in India (his home country). Each time he is referenced as an ‘expert’ despite having no skills or accomplishments other than being quoted in these articles. No matter how bright this kid is, how much of a “prodigy” he supposedly is, he simply cannot be considered an “expert” in security. No teenager has worldly experience that would qualify them as “knowledgeable” about an industry, let alone “expert”. He certainly isn’t worth the $15,001 – $25,000 fee per speaking engagement, peddling ten year old Windows novelty tricks called “hacks”. To make matters worse, Fadia’s FUD-based statements about “computer security” and “terrorism” are simply fear mongering to increase his visibility.”Here is a Forbes magazine article that reveals the truth of Ankit Fadia.

Arindam Chaudhuri

Arindam Chaudhuri, who dares to think beyond IIMs. He claims himself a management guru and a ‘well renowned economist’ without so as much as a graduate degree. Arindam Chaudhari started his own institute of management studies (IIPM), which he claims is better than IIMs. The fact remains that his IIPM institute still remains unrecognized by any Indian educational boards. He claims to be a MBA guru, writer, speaker, thinker, and now he has also awarded himself a Ph.D.According to an article in The Hindu:“The University Grants Commission (UGC) had recently come out with a state-wise list of fake universities. The bodies include as many as seven in the national capital including Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM).”

Ravinder Kaushik


Ravinder Kaushik was a former RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent, who after his training in India lived most of his life (26 years) in Pakistan and became a Major in Pakistan army. He later died there after being caught.He was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan on April 11, 1952. He was a famous theater artist and displayed his talent at the national level dramatic meet in Lucknow, which was witnessed by some officials of the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW. He was contacted and offered a job for being an undercover agent of India in Pakistan. He was recruited by RAW and was given extensive training in Delhi for two years. At the age of 23, he was sent to Pakistan under the name of Nabi Ahmed Shakir. He joined Pakistani Army and became a commissioned officer and later was promoted to the rank of a Major. He married a local girl Amanat, and became father of a girl. From 1979 to 1983, while in military service, he passed valuable information to RAW, which was of great help to the Indian defence forces. He was given the title of ‘Black Tiger’. In September 1983, Indian intelligence agencies had sent an agent, Inyat Masiha, to get in touch with Black Tiger. But the agent was caught by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and revealed Ravinder Kaushik’s true identity. Kaushik was then captured, tortured for two years at an interrogation centre in Sialkot. He died in 2001 in Central Jail in Multan.

Operation Trojan Horse


According to a book that came out around 2005-06, “Martyrdom of Shaheed Bhagat Singh,” our knowledge concerning the death of Bhagat Singh has been heavily skewed. The alleged source of information for this book comes from notes of Dalip Singh Allahabadi, an Indian, who was the most trusted and loyal secret agent of British government. The author of the book Kulwant Singh Kooner is his adopted godson. As per the book, frustrated with the rising popularity of Bhagat Singh and to appease the family members of J P Saunders (whom Singh assassinated), “Operation Trojan Horse” was brought into effect by British government. According to the plan, Bhagat Singh and two of his associates were hung by noose as planned, but were removed before their souls parted. Their hangman was immediately killed and put in truck with unconscious bodies Singh and his associates. All four of them were transported to outskirts of Lahore. There Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were shot dead by a death squad that consisted of relatives of Saunders. This theory is given credence by the fact that Singh’s body was neither given to his family members nor had a mandatory postmortem.

India’s Nuclear Experiments


India’s nuclear program, from its ideation in 1989 until execution in 1998 was under multiple governments who were sworn to secrecy and only due to this secrecy that India was banned from multiple sanctions by USA, which were later lifted off due to the diplomacy of the then Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh. Despite the $27 billion budget and a galaxy of spy satellites, U.S. Intelligence agencies failed to detect India’s preparation for 1998’s nuclear blast. Why? U.S. officials blamed it on a leak to The New York Times. Senior Intelligence and military officials told NBC News that India put its nuclear testing equipment underground in 1996 following a leak to The New York Times that U.S. spy satellites were monitoring India’s nuclear test site.India has its own satellite-imaging capability, which gave us an understanding of what can and can’t be seen from space. India kept the nuclear program separate from its military, which like many militaries is prone to boasting and leaking. Unlike nuclear programs of any other country, India’s nuclear program was not as dependent on outside help. India has a large pool of trained nuclear scientists and electrical engineers and an industrial infrastructure capable of producing key equipment. Much of U.S. intelligence on other nations’ nuclear programs is derived from electronic eavesdropping on sales of equipment related to weapons development. India had prevented Western intelligence from recruiting spies in India by an aggressive program of counterintelligence that included surveillance and even attempted recruitment of diplomats and suspected agents. “They are very, very good,” said one US official.CIA officials said that the United States did not even know anything about the tests until Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee announced the tests on television Monday morning, four hours after they had taken place. The announcement even preceded analysis of the seismic data on the tests that US detected.

Arihant Submarine


This is the only official picture of Arihant submarine. For such a huge project this is great considering the usual standards. It is said that the Vishakapatnam docks were covered and lengthened for the Arihant project


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