100 Interesting One Liners From India


Here are 100 Interesting One Liners From India.


Rush Hour-Interesting One Liners From India

1. India is a country where on the streets, everyone seems to be in a hurry, but no one is ever on time.

2. Here people wear helmets to save their pockets, not life.

3. India is the only country where people fight to be termed ‘backward’.

4. China grows because of its government, India grows despite it.

5. Being one in a million in India means that there are 1241 Indians just like you.

6. IRCTC is the only place where you won’t find reservations.

7. India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one, in an advanced state of decay.

8. The frustrating thing about India is that whatever you can say rightly about India, the opposite is also true.

9. In India, you don’t cast your vote, you vote your caste.

10. In India, even exceptions run into millions.


Fat Police-Interesting One Liners From India

11. A country where the people are thin & Police is fat.

12. India is an incredible country where actors are playing cricket, cricketers are playing politics, politicians are watching porn and porn stars are becoming actors.

13. Kos kos pe badle paani, char kos pe bani. (The taste/quality of water changes at every mile & language every 4 miles).

14. The great success story of India, a country that so many learned scholars and journalists assumed would disintegrate, in the ’50s and ’60s, is that it managed to maintain consensus on how to survive without consensus.

15. If someone asks for a dirty cloth to clean something, you are in India.

16. The funny thing is that in a land of more than a billion people, the topic of sex is still taboo.

17. Where liking a Facebook post gets you arrested, raping doesn’t.

18. India is a functioning anarchy.

19. In Bangalore if you throw a stone, you hit a dog, or a software engineer.

20. Only country where you need to look either side while crossing in a one-way.


Cricket and Bollywood-Interesting One Liners From India

21. The ABC of what sells in India, Astrology, Bollywood and Cricket.

22. The only country where those who apply on merit are termed others.

23. In India, where there is a will, there are relatives.

24. In India, it’s okay to piss in public, but not kiss.

25. India is my country, a wonderful nation where daughters are neither safe inside womb nor outside.

26. India will reveal to you the places in your heart that must be purified.

27. Be as intellectual as you like about it, but India is brilliantly mad and if you want to love it, you have to hate it first.

28. Don’t steal, Indian government hates competition.

29. In the West people have sex and hope for a marriage. In India people marry and hope for sex.

30. If America is a Melting Pot, then to me India is a Thali- a selection of sumptuous dishes in different bowls. Each tastes different, and does not necessarily mix with the next, but they belong together on the same plate, and they complement each other in making the meal a satisfying repast.


Theek Hai-Interesting One Liners From India

31. Theek Hai!

32. I like the evening in India, the one magic moment when the sun balances on the rim of the world, and the hush descends, and ten thousand civil servants drift homeward on a river of bicycles, brooding on the Lord Krishna and the cost of living.

33. India is god’s country because it wouldn’t run without god.

34. We live in a country where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.

35. In India two things never leave you, your caste and your high school marks.

36. When it comes to taking a stand on world issues, India is like a girl giving mixed signals.

37. India is a country where a pizza will reach your house faster than an ambulance.

38. India is an Epic Paradox. India is a Rich country with poor people.

39. Chalta hai.

40. Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. All Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed. India is merely a geographical expression. It is no more a single country than the equator. – Winston Churchill.


Bad Indian Roads-Interesting One Liners From India

41. India has not roads with potholes, but potholes with a bit of road around them.

42. In India to become rich you have to become a politician and to become a politician you have to be rich.

43. The most crucial part of a traffic signal in India without which it doesn’t work at all, is a policeman.

44. The four most crucial pillars of Indian Society are – Religion, Casteism, Corruption and Hypocrisy.

45. In India, the key persons of the government speak nothing useful. Their minions, however, speak everything useless.

46. In India, two families, and not two people marry.

47. The most important factor that affects Indian mood swings is cricket.

48. Only country where reserved enjoy more benefits than the deserved.

49. India is a place where the only rights people get are the last rites.

50. India is the only country where it takes 15 minutes to reach a place by walking, whereas it takes an hour by car to reach the same place.


Spitting-Interesting One Liners From India

51. India is a country whose 90 percent of population suffers from spit-personality disorder.

52. In India, you won’t find cartoons in the textbooks possibly because, most of them are in the parliament.

53. Unity in diversity, University of adversity.

54. A country whose onions and tomatoes have more value than dollars.

55. A country where you can get married, before you can buy booze.

56. I am not just a part of a country, I am a part of a civilization, which is in existence from last 5000 years. Problems do arise , but the mother always finds her way and I feel proud to be a part of it.

57. Nothing is allowed, but everything is possible.

58. A country where politicians suggest night curfew on petrol pumps (to save petrol) while traveling in 20-25 car convoys.

59. India is a country where relatives are more interested in your grades than you.

60. It happens only in India.


Sim Card Free-Interesting One Liners From India

61. Where rice is Rs. 40 per kg and SIM card is free.

62. In India, there are two types of roads: Under Construction and Under Repair.

63. In India, the Capitalists are greedy and the Socialists are envious.

64. “When the real history of India will be unearthed, it will be proved that, as in matters of science and religion, so in fine arts, India is the primal guru of the whole world.” – Swami Vivekananda

65. In India there’s an order among chaos.

66. A country where neighboring country kills five soldiers without provocation and PM doesn’t say a word.

67. Where car loan is 7% and education loan is 12%.

68. Where people worship Godess Durga, but kill a girl even after healthy delivery.

69. Where Olympic shooter gets 3 crore rupees for gold medal, but soldier who dies of shooting while fighting with another nation gets mere 1 Lakh.

70. India is a place where rules are made to be broken and roads are built to be dug.


Jugaad-Interesting One Liners From India

71. A place where u can achieve almost everything by ‘Jugaad’.

72. Is your land in danger of being acquired by the government? Don’t worry, keep calm and build a temple.

73. In India, Whether you are interested in politics or not, politics is always interested in you.

74. A country where people’s opinions can manipulate your future.

75. Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log. (People suppress their interest and choices thinking what the society might say.)

76. “Yaha sab kuch bikta hai.” (Everything can be sold here).

77. This is a place where everyone is ready to dole out a free advice.

78. A daughter is the perfect child. A son is just a Beta version.

79. India is the only country in the world where more fighter pilots are killed and more fighter jets destroyed during peace than in war.

80. A country whose rich believe in simple thinking and high living.


Parliament Session-Interesting One Liners From India

81. Sansad Bhavan -the only place where the speaker doesn’t speak, nobody listens buteverybody speaks and where issues are raised for party not country.

82. India is driven by 2 Cs : Cricket and Cinema. Cricket imparts patriotism and cinema governs the way of life.

83. If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began to dream of existence, it is India.

84. India develops in the night when the government sleeps.

85. An Indian is one who has nothing in common with another Indian.

86. The story of India’s success is not a story of its governance, it’s a story of its private individual.

87. India is a country with a billion sparks.

88. It is a place where politics is in abundance, but policies in deficit.

89. Communalism, Regionalism and Linguism are the pillars of our society.

90. Only place in the world where educated people like IAS and IPS officers salute and work under uneducated and corrupt politicians.


Indian Tea-Interesting One Liners From India

91. In India, any time is a tea time.

92. India is a country where bail is an application form to change facts.

93. Here gossips are sweeter than truth and reality.

94. India is always on list of developing countries.

95. “Everything will be all right in the end and if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.

96. India is a country where you can feel corruption right from medical capsules to space capsules.

97. This is a country which is destroying its present for the sake of peaceful future.

98. India is a chariot being driven by 29 different horses with each one of them pulling the chariot in a unique direction.

99. China is a melting pot in which differences disappear while India is a salad bowl in which the constituents retain their identity.

100. In India, you don’t drive on the left of the road, you drive on what is left on the road.


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